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I like playing 2nd Base cause it gives me a lot of hands on action and it involves me more than outfield. I also like playing outfield because I love to dive for balls and go all out for pop fly's, even if they are way in front of me or behind me, I am going to give 110% to that ball. My goals are to become a better player in general. Meaning, not being afraid of hard hit ground balls and knowing I can stop them with everything I've got. I also want to be a better team player for my coaches and friends. Ive been playing for 6 years now and I came to Sac Hitterz 5 years ago. Sac Hitterz is the best team I could ever be on because Ive grown such a loving bond for coaches and players. Im so glad that I became a Hitter.  My hobbies are sports, painting and drawing. 


Favorite Coach Abar quote: "Never say the 3 T's. I think, I thought, i tried."